There are so many errors and issues in the QuickBooks software and most of them are different in nature. Intuit has assigned different series of all the errors that can occur in QuickBooks such as the 6XXX error series, 15XXX error series, 12XXX error series, etc. QuickBooks Error 6150 is a part of QuickBooks 6xxx error series that represents the issues related to your QuickBooks company files.

Are you also facing the QuickBooks Error 6150 while opening, updating or creating a backup of your QuickBooks company file? Well, you have landed on the right page as in this article, we will be providing you the solutions to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6150 and then you will be able to work on your QuickBooks company file. In case you are not sure about performing the steps manually, you can also connect with our support department at QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1800-366-1468 toll-free.

QuickBooks Error 6150: Causes

QuickBooks Error 6150 generally occurs because of some issues occurring in your QuickBooks data files. Mostly, you face this error if your company file is damaged or there are some connectivity issues with your company file and QuickBooks. Main causes of QuickBooks Error 6150 are as given below:

  • You are trying to create a backup or portable company file from a damaged company file.
  • Damaged installation of QuickBooks software.
  • You are trying to open the company file or portable file by directly double-clicking on it.
  • File extension of your QuickBooks company file was mistakenly changed.
  • Virus or malware infection on your system.

How To Fix QuickBooks Error 6150

The error code 6150 basically appears when there is something wrong with the QuickBooks company file. We have provided two methods that you can perform to fix the issue. Steps to resolve the QuickBooks Error 6150 are as given below.

Update Your QuickBooks

Updating QuickBooks to latest release can be very beneficial for you as it automatically eliminates some of the. You can update your QuickBooks by following the below steps:

  • Login to QuickBooks as admin
  • From the main menu of QuickBooks, go to File > Close Company.
  • Now, close QuickBooks as well.
  • Right-click on the QB icon from the desktop and select Run as administrator from the drop-down list
  • From the Help menu of QuickBooks, go to Update QuickBooks.
  • Select Update Now and then click on Reset Update.
  • Click on Get Updates.
  • Now restart QuickBooks and you will be asked to install the updates. Click on Yes.

Updating QuickBooks software should resolve the issue for you but if you still get the same issue, go to the next step.

Connection Issue: Company File On Another System

QuickBooks Desktop requires a connection with your company files and if the connection gets disturbed, you will be shown the error code 6150 on your screen. If the internet connection is fine, then there are chances that the misconfigured firewall settings are creating hindrance in between the connection. You will face an error either from the 6000 series or from the HXXX series. You can resolve this issue through the following steps:

  • Sign into windows as an administrator.
  • From the Control Panel, go to the Windows Firewall settings
  • Disable the Windows Firewall to allow connection.
  • You need to disable the Windows firewall for both, Private and Public networks
  • Click on OK.

Damaged Company File

You may also get this error on your screen if the company file you are trying to access is damaged. QuickBooks is not able to read the damaged QuickBooks company file that’s why it shows the error code 6150 on your screen. It might be possible that your QuickBooks company file is damaged, and you have to resolve them as soon as possible.

You can use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool to perform the basic data damage resolution and if the error is still around, you need to use the verify and rebuild data utility that can help you in resolving the issue for sure.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Desktop

The provided solutions should be helpful for you in resolving the QuickBooks Error 6150 and you should now be able to work on your QuickBooks company files. However, if you are still facing the same issue, you can contact us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-366-1468 to get instant technical support for your errors and issues.

QuickBooks Error 6150: Company File Errors

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