What is QuickBooks Error 100?

QuickBooks allows its users to perform all the business-related activities at one single platform to make their work more effective and efficient. It provides various services. Moreover, QuickBooks has come up with a new service which facilitates the users in multiple manners. That new service is none other than Point of Sale Application which helps the user to manage the payments, stock inventory, operating the Purchase order, employee management and much more.

When it comes to the exceptions, we all know that every good thing comes with few drawbacks. Similarly, QuickBooks software and other services related to it, such as POS encounter few errors. These errors could easily be rectified either manually or with the help of ProAccountingXpert’s experienced ProAdvisors.

But we believe that our user should have keen knowledge about the error that might come across their work experience with QuickBooks. Error Code 100 of QB is of the errors related to the QuickBooks Point of Sale Application. It does not create a big issue though it may disturb your workflow and also, it may affect other applications too, which are related to the Point of Sale. Therefore, we advise you to rectify QB Error code 100 as soon as it comes into your notice.

This error comes up on your screen with a message affirming that;

Error 100 database server not found “08w01”.

Main Reasons Behind Error Code 100 of QB

Few of the leading causes behind the QB error 100 are mentioned below:

· The first reason could be the lowering number of System Resources.

· Another one might be that the Point of Sale may not be running.

Ways for solving Error 100 of QuickBooks

In order to get the proper results, you need to follow these steps which are mentioned below carefully. Here we go with the steps:

· When error message pops-up on your screen, select the OK option.

· Now you need to Reboot your System.

· Again, run the Point of Sale Application.

· Now, if the error is not rectified yet, please follow the further steps that mentioned below:

· Open Run command by pressing Windows + R.

· In the Command Dialogue Box, type msc and hit the Enter button.

· Now, click on QBPOS Database Manager vXX

· Select (vXX indicates the version of the Point of Sale application)

· Now in the end, if Start option is not there, then you have to click on Restart.

Call Us for Support

This error code 100 of QuickBooks is not an as massive issue as it seems to be, but it may create hindrance to your work which could be frustrating for you. Your ease and comfort is our priority. So, if under any undesirable circumstances you run into such errors, you may directly contact our professionally experienced ProAdvisor who will assist you with the easiest and best ways for resolving these types of issue. We are just a ring apart. You just have to call our Intuit ProAccountingXpert’s ProAdvisors by dialling +1800-366-1468 toll-free which is our QuickBooks Technical Support Number.

QuickBooks Error Code 100: Point of Sale Issue

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