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QuickBooks has been recognized as the leading software for accounting and bookkeeping. It keeps track of all the financial activities of the industry. QuickBooks comes up with various features like contactless payments, employee management, track of all the incomes and expenses, payroll management, and much more.  

Moreover, recently, QuickBooks has initiated a new feature in its software which has proven to be the icing on the cake. QuickBooks Multi-Monitor Mode or QuickBooks on Multiple Screen is a unique and essential feature in the software. QuickBooks Multi-Monitor Mode is available in all the versions which were released after Windows 2018.   


According to a study which was done in 2008 by the University of Utah, it is possible that the productivity may increase up to 44% after using a dual monitor configuration.   

In this article, we will be discussing each and every aspect of QuickBooks on Multiple screen feature such as how this feature works, what are the situations where It works and where it does not work, its limitations, common errors that this feature run into, and more.  

All About QuickBooks on Multiple Screen

 Prior to this feature, QuickBooks had single screen option only, which means that the user may use the software on only one device. But now, it could be effortlessly used on multiple screens and even without any extra cost.  

How does QB Multi-Monitor Mode work?  

When you start using this feature, please ensure the functional status of the following things:  

  • DPI level of all the Screens or Monitors has to be set at the default level (100%).  
  • Every Monitor/Screen needs to be set at the same resolution.  
  • Screen/ Monitor of the user requires to be aligned horizontally from one monitor to the next.  
  • Move Windows from one to another by using the Toggle button.  

You may enable this feature by following these basic steps:  

  • Go to the View tab.  
  • Now you have to select Switch to Multi-Monitor Mode option.  
  • In the end, check whether the feature is enabled or not.  

Drawbacks of Multi-Monitor Mode Of QuickBooks  

Here we have discussed a few drawbacks which might happen while using QB on multiple screens: 

1.  Using Single View Mode  If you want you can set the software to Single View after which the Multi-Monitor Mode will disable. You may follow the following path: 

Go to Edit > Preferences > Desktop view 

2.  Anything Other Than 100% (default) DPI Settings  If DPI font scaling is set to any other default then in that case QB Multiple Screen Mode will not be enabled. 
3.   Third Party Multi-Monitor Programs  A few third-party Multi-monitor programs are not able to run in QB on multiple screen mode such as Display-Link, Display-Fusion, etc. 
4.   Tile/Cascade Windows  Functions like Tile/Cascade Windows will not work when Multiple screen mode is On. 
5.  Moving the Main Program Window  While using this feature of Multiple screening, you cannot move the QuickBooks Main Program. To do this, you are supposed to switch to the Single Monitor Mode.  
6.  Monitor’ Horizontal Alignment  QB Multiple Screen Mode will not work if monitors are not aligned horizontally. 
7.  Hosted Environments  QuickBooks Multi-Monitor Mode will not be enabled if the software is used in a hosted environment such as Right Networks or Summit Hosting. 


Error While Using QuickBooks Multi-Monitor Mode

1.The appearance of Dialogues Box On The Other Screen.  

A few Dialogue box might not appear on your monitor. Instead, they are visible on the other monitor from the one on which you are working. For instance, if you have two monitors one on the left and another one on the right and you open invoice in the right monitor. Due to this error, the invoice might open on your left monitor. You are required to toggle it to the Right-monitor again.  

1.Extension of Certain Windows Into The Other Monitor 

A few Window Span might be visible to you across the next monitor while opening Multi-Monitor Mode. In that case, you are required to move the Window to where you want it to be.  

Number of Screens That Multiple Screen Mode In QuickBooks Supports

QuickBooks Multi-Monitor Mode is able to connect up to 3 Monitors. In case you have four monitors or more than that, you might get an option to opt for two monitors to use this feature.  

Contact QuickBooks Technical Support

We hope that you got full-fledged knowledge of QB Multiple Screen Mode through this article. For instant and quick support or more information, you can connect to our ProAccountingXpert team. Our ProAdvisors are ready to assist you 24/7. For more call us on QB Tech Support Number +1800-366-1468 toll-free. 

QuickBooks Multiple Screen Mode

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