QuickBooks’s priority is overwhelming entrepreneurs by providing them with the best of the facilities. Time-to-to, QuickBooks keeps updating its features which help the business owners in various aspects.   

Not so long ago, QuickBooks has come up with a new feature named as Pick, Pack and Ship that helps the users to track sales order and its fulfilment progress. It works as a helping hand to the software as it enhances the speed and the accuracy of fulfilment of orders.it is a part of the complete supply chain management process. This feature is available In QuickBooks version 19.0 and the later versions. It is available with a single Dashboard for pick, pack and ship status.  

Before moving further, let’s talk about the things that you must ensure before you use Pick, Pack and Ship feature of QuickBooks. Given below is the list of things that you have to keep in mind;  

  • Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet should be open in the Advanced Inventory Settings. You may go to Create Sales Order for more information.  
  • Please ensure that you are connected with at least one supported mobile barcode scanner of Android if you have paired devices.  
  • You are required to update pick tab information if in case you do not use a mobile scanner.  

Access to the QuickBooks Pick, Pack and ship Dashboard  

This Pick, Pack and Ship Dashboard is identical to QuickBooks 18.0 Order Worksheet Dashboard to some extent. The things which are not visible on the Dashboard are Invoices orders and non-inventory orders. For opening it, you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below:  

  • Select the Customers option, and then you have to open the Sale Order Fulfillment Worksheet.  
  • Now, move your cursor towards Dashboard option and click on it.  

Pick Tab In SOF Worksheet  

SOF stands for Sales Order Fulfillment. The Pick tab permits a user to look after and manage the pick lists. This will surely help you in filtering the sales orders by site, status and picker. Following are the steps to proceed:  

  • Go to the Pick, from the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet 
  • Tick on the box where the Sales Order are shown that are about to be picked.  
  • Tap on the Next option.  
  • Now, select Send to Device (mobile for paired device only) or Print Picklist (for the manual process).  
  • Tick on the items that you want by following up the on-screen commands for mobile.  

NOTE: mobile needs to be paired with the company account.  

Now, in the next part, we are going to discuss the Updates. As given below, there are two types of Updates:  

  • Status Updates  

On Pick tab, you will be able to track real-time status once you finished creating picklist. An orange arrow pops up on the screen that will show a picklist update whenever there is an update from warehouse from the mobile scanner.  

You are required to select the Sales Order(s) and choose the Update Sale Order option. After this, the sales order status will be upgraded to the latest Status. Although, there could be some exceptions like incorrect picked item numbers or mismatched serial number. Under this situation, an appropriate message will be shown.  

  • Manual Updates   

You are required to pick information manually if you do not utilize the Mobile Scanner.  

  • Firstly, you have to double-click on the picklist that you are willing to update.  
  • Now, update the quantity that is being picked for each item.  
  • In the end, select the Update Sales Order 

After following these steps, you will be receiving a confirmation message affirming that if the sales order status is Picked or Partially Picked, you cannot start the packing process from Dashboard.  

NOTE: If under some circumstances, you are not using a packing process which is different, you may directly navigate to the Ship Process.  

Actions that are available from the table on this page includes: 

  • View picklist 
  • Print picklist 
  • Print packing slip (it is shown only when picklist is updated). 

The latest quantity picked will be shown by the packing slip. 

QuickBooks Technical Support

With the help of this article, you can acknowledge the Pick, Pack and Ship of QuickBooks. If you face any issues regarding Pick tab in Sales Order Fulfillment, you can connect to Intuit’s ProAdvisors who will assist you with full-fledged solutions. You just have to dial our toll-free QuickBooks Technical Support Number +1800-366-1468. We are ready to serve you 24×7.  

QuickBooks Pick, Pack and Ship

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