Let’s Learn About QuickBooks Validation code Error

Intuit QuickBooks has come up with all the accounting solutions for small and medium scale business. It is popular all over the popular for serving best of the accounting and bookkeeping services. POS (Point of Sale) is an application initiated by QuickBooks. It performs various functions such as contactless payments, multi-channel inventory management, and a lot more. It also allows the user to involve third parties such as payroll, online payments and much more.  

Despite these features, QuickBooks POS encounter a few errors which could occur due to some technical glitches. Similarly, QuickBooks is one such error that you see while using the application. The following message pops up on your screen when this error occurs:  

“The validation code is incorrect. Please verify the number and enter it again.”  

Techniques To Fix Validation Code Error In QuickBooks  

In this article, we have discussed two Techniques that you might use to get rid of this error. To get the proper results, you are supposed the follow these steps carefully. You may choose either of the following:  


Users use the Reimage Repair Tool to detect and scan the errors on your PC.  

  • Firstly, you need to download and install the tool on your system.  
  • Open it and then start the scanning process.  
  • Once it detects the error, a message will come up on your screen, affirming that:  

     “A QuickBooks Validation Code error occurred during account validation.”  

  • This tool will automatically fix the issue after detecting it.  
  • Once the process is done, you may restart your PC.  

To perform the complete process, you have to follow the steps that are mentioned below:  

  • Icon of Reimage Repair Tool:  

Once you are done with the installation process, a Welcome Window will pop up on your screen. Now, you have to double click on the icon in order to begin the scanning process. After this, the tool will do the full scan of your system. Now, you will receive a dialogue box. Select the Easily Scan option and then click on the Now option. It will automatically install all the required updates online. Keep in mind that you should have a good internet connection to proceed efficiently.  

  • System Scan with Reimage Installer Tool:  

Once the scanning process is done, the segment where issues need to be resolved will be shown to you. Now, click on the Start Repair to start the repairing procedure. After finishing the process, do not forget to restart the computer.  


There is a possibility that the user might face the issue if his Employee’s name is already used by one of their vendors. In that case, you have to make some changes in the Vendor’s list. For doing that, you are advised to follow the steps that are mentioned below:  

  • As the first step, open the Expenses Menu.  
  • Now, tap on the Vendor’s tab > Gear.  
  • And then, you need to tick the Include inactive box.  
  • Look for the Vendor’s name and then click on it.  
  • Go to the Edit option and then you have to change the name 
  • Now click on the Workers menu.  
  • You are required now to modify Employee’s allowance.  
  • In the end, turn off the software and then restart your system.  

QuickBooks Technical Support for QB POS Validation Code Error

We hope that the techniques that are mentioned above will help you to work out QuickBooks Point of Sale Validation Code Error manually. This error is not a massive as it seems to be, but it needs to be resolved as it might hinder your workflow. These techniques might take a long time to get settled, and if you are not willing to invest your time in such petty errors, then, in that case, you may connect to Intuit ProAccountingXpert’s team. Our ProAdvisors will guide you with full-fledged solutions. Give us a call on toll-free QuickBooks Support Number +1800-366-1468.

QuickBooks POS Validation Code Error

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