QuickBooks Desktop allows you to print checks and other important forms by just connecting the printer with your system. If you use QuickBooks to manage your business, it is highly recommended having a printer. You can easily integrate your printer with QuickBooks software and use it directly from software. However, you may want to reprint checks in QuickBooks that were already processed but you don’t know the process for that. In this article, we will be discussing about how to reprint checks in QuickBooks Desktop.

There can be multiple reasons due to which you may have to reprint checks and some of them are as follow:

  • Last check got stuck or damaged in the printer
  • The check got misplaced
  • You need to reprint paystubs for your personal reasons.

How To Reprint Checks In QuickBooks?

You can easily print a check when it is for the first time but reprinting it can be a bit complex. When you print it for the first time, you can easily get the Print option but once it is printed, it goes to the QuickBooks directory. You can easily reprint checks by going to the directory path of QuickBooks.

How To reprint Checks In QuickBooks?

  • Go to the directory and scroll down to get the Print Check option.
  • Select Print Preview to make sure that you are print correct check. You can also print multiple checks at the same time.
  • Go to the Printer tab and all the selected checks will be printed. If any of the check has printing issues, you can reprint them through same method.

How To reprint Paychecks In QuickBooks?

  • From the top navigation panel, select the List tab.
  • Click on COA from the available options.
  • Choose the payroll account and then select the check that you want to print.
  • Click on Print and then select Save to close the window.

In case the above steps didn’t worked, you can perform the steps mentioned below:

  • From the Employees menu, go to Employee Center.
  • Select Edit Paychecks. Choose a Start and End date from the date range option.
  • Choose the Employee’s Name whose paycheck you will be printing and then double click on the paycheck.
  • Click on Print and then OK.

How To Reprint Multiple Checks In QuickBooks

  • From the Employees menu, go to Employee Center.
  • Right-click anywhere in the Employee Center and click on Transaction and then choose Paycheck.
  • Open the paycheck you will be printing and then select Print Later.
  • Close the window by clicking on Save.
  • Perform same steps for all checks that you want to reprint.
  • From the File menu, choose Print Forms.
  • Click on Paychecks option
  • Put a checkmark on all the checks that you want to reprint and then click on Print
  • Select OK to close the window.

Connect With Us For Support

As we have already mentioned that printing a check for first time is very easy, but to reprint them, you may face several difficulties. You can face some errors or issues while trying to reprint checks in QuickBooks Desktop. If you are also facing issues during the process, get connected with our technical support team by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-366-1468 and get your issues resolved.

How To Reprint Checks In QuickBooks: Simple Steps To Perform The Process

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